Ewald Spieker
Other, typographer

typography as starting point.
one letter (n) and its mirror image (u).
consonant and vowel together form a word:
When reversed the word is still:
everything takes place within the Vedute dimensions.
The object is symmetrical and mirror-imaged.
spatial but also hermetic in terms of image and language.
geometric basic shapes (rectangle, square, circle).
The sand forms a 30º 30º 120º triangle.
positive and negative.
the graphic forms in primary colours,
complete the triangles when stationary to form a hexagram.
by rotating the object the sand starts to move.
in the word the falling sand emphasizes the moment.
on the square a three-dimensional triangle comes into being.
below the triangle the negative form comes into being simultaneously.
although the association with a sandglass is obvious,
the ‘nu’ object is not that.
It does not give the precise time.
the nu is as natural as breathing,
until you choke on a fish bone.
from sand in the ‘glass’
to sand in the motor.