Banaz Palani
Other, Student TU Eindhoven

This Vedute has the shape of a bookcase. At first sight there is nothing special about it; it’s empty and does not indicate whether it had a previous owner or what used to be on the shelves.
Over the years, bookcases carry many objects with meaningful stories that identify the owner. When empty, however, a bookcase becomes a set of shelves that have been put together; it no longer has a story to tell.

‘Hidden Stories’ allows you to search and discover the messages that the empty bookcase has left for us. Just like searching for a book on a shelf, you browse the titles and stop when something attracts you.

This search is performed using mirrors because they reflect to us things that we cannot see. The mirrors help us to perceive the bookcase in an unexpected way. This is inspired by the search for ourselves when we look in the mirror. We tend to search for a deeper meaning to the surface that we are looking at.