Jim Steenbakkers
Other, Student TU Eindhoven

There is a thin line between space and life. Life is like space, something that can be measured. Something that ends at a certain point. Something that has been created on a certain day. How much space does everyone get to live in?
In ancient Greece, everyone’s fate, and thus everyone’s space, was determined before his or her birth by the three ‘Moirai’. Κλωθώ,’the spinner’, span the thread of life, symbolic of everyone’s birth. Lάχεσiσ, ‘the allotter’, determined the length of the thread of life, and so determined the length of a newborn’s life. ΑΤροποθ, ‘the inevitable’, cut the thread of life when someone’s final hour had come.
The three implements necessary for this ancient ritual are represented in ‘Fates Cabinet’ by a shuttle, a ruler and a pair of scissors. Not unattractive, but gilded in order to illuminate the beautiful side of death. It does not always have to be dark when the light goes out…
Do you dare take fate into your own hands?