Willem Noyons
Visual Artist/Designer  In coöperation with Paul de Vries

The keywords of my manuscript are measurement systems, determination of position and craftsmanship.

For many years the measurement systems of Dom Hans van der Laan, Le Corbusier, or the Golden Ratio and the Series of Fibonacci have been of special interest to me.
The size ratio of the basis of a Vedute manuscript is 44 : 32, or in other words 1 : 0,73 = 1.375. Applying this factor a larger and smaller version of the Vedute manuscript can be created, measuring respectively:
32 x 23 x 5 and 60 x 44 x 9,5.

To determine the perfect position on the base of the Vedute manuscript this size ratio is used, as was done by painters in the past.
In my case it is the exact place were the apple falling from the apple trees I see from the windows of my studio in Utrecht and in France should end up.

Half an apple is formed in a copper plate: it is equally convex and concave and due to the reflection it is whole and half at the same time. What the coppersmith makes, claims space; and space appears in the making.


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