Adriaan Geuze
Other, landscape architect

The cow, after the bull by Potter, defines the Dutch landscape as the horizon between theanimal’s legs. This may seem self-evident, but its quality is unique and has to be explained time and again. The Dutch polder landscape is disappearing.

Read the het essay ‘The necessity of melting polar ice’ on www.dwazepolders.nl. This essay is connected with this spatial manuscript.

The manuscript is made of three pieces of natural wood. These are untreated, with the exception of the sections on which colour has been sprayed.

The basis and rear of the manuscript is of American tulip tree wood (Liriodendron tulipifera). The wood has a green radiance and, together with the rear side that has been sprayed blue, it provides the background to the cow. The cow itself has been sawn from Abachi (Triplochiton scleroxylon). This is a very light hardwood.

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