Maike van Stiphout
Other, landscape architect
Collection: Tijd & Dualiteit

The duality between durability and flexibility can be found in the most elementary building material, sand. In order to show these qualities to advantage, the sand is displayed on a blanket. The blanket blots out the noise in the immediate vicinity. Attention is focused solely on the essence. The blanket is also the covering in which it is kept. The photographs in the book show the characteristics of sand, in various locations, at different times of day and in different seasons.
Sand is eroded stone. Its composition remains the same, it is elemental. It is a building material for buildings and roads and as such can be used in a great many different ways. It mixes well with other materials and eventually reverts to sand.
Intense orange sand comes from Israel. It is called ‘Chomra’ and calls to mind the young inhabitants of Tel Aviv, building the city. Flat wheelbarrows heaped with orange sand trundling through the streets.
This sand has a strong, warm colour. It is in itself, in all its simplicity, very beautiful. It changes with the light, rain and wind and due to the traces it contains. It is never exactly the same, sand has no memory.