Joris Jacobs, Dennis Lohuis
Other, industrial designers
Collection: Tijd & Dualiteit

What we seek to introduce with the manuscript is the idea that mobile data provides marvellous opportunities for laying an invisible infrastructure in the public space, as a sort of parallel universe. Moreover, your mobile telephone can become a sort of magnifier for the interfaces between this universe and the public space; an instrument that can allow you to communicate with locations and with the objects that surround you.
We therefore present a spatial manuscript which in the immediate vicinity of Vedute causes the message ‘Welcome to Vedute’ to appear on your telephone. This is followed by the message: ‘You are now entering the 3D manuscript of Joris Jacobs and Dennis Lohuis’, followed by: ‘Please dial 06-233565567 and enter your name in our guestbook.’ You can then scroll through the guestbook in order to see who else has left their name there. This manuscript can only be viewed by those who possess a mobile telephone. Although it stays physically within the given dimensions, 7 x 32 x 44 cm, it extends imperceptibly beyond them. Without being aware of it, communication between you and the manuscript may already have taken place; the manuscript has already sent you messages. In the best scenario, as in the scenario described, there are at the same time people who try to comprehend its physical appearance.
It is an initial step, an introduction to the question as to how in the future the public space can be experienced using the possibilities offered by mobile data.