Kummer & Herrman
Graphic designers

Space and language have an interesting and complex relationship with one another. Language can be used to describe an existing space. Language can also describe a space that doesn’t exist physically. It can alter an existing space’s characteristics: from the physical to the ideological, imaginary or political. Language can create, transform, contain and erase space.

Furthermore, language serves as a connecting medium, such as dialogue does with the space that lies between different individuals. It is precisely this nature of language that plays an essential role in our design practice. On the one hand, it allows for the creation of ideas during conversations amongst our team and clients. On the other hand, as soon as our collaborations are finalised they enter the public domain, creating a new dialogue with the visitor, reader and user.

This manuscript consists of 160 words that have been selected from our team during the development of this project, they reflect our conversations about space in 2019. The physical space we were given, 440 x 320 x 70 mm, was our starting point to cut a solid block of wood. This block was then divided into 80 identical spaces, resulting in blocks of 44 x 80 x 35 mm. Each block has two sides with one word on it. This creates a narrative about space both on the block itself and amongst any block that may surround it.