75B, Rens Muis, Pieter Vos
Graphic Designer

From the outset (1997), 75B has kept an archive. This archive is both digital and analogue. We have always aimed to make unique things, which is why we take great care with them. Both archives take a great deal of effort. With the analogue archive, we always make jokes about fire and flooding. We recently mailed the Netherlands Graphic Designers Archive (NAGO) to ask them if we had to save our posters too, so as to make them nervous. We haven’t succeeded to date. The digital archive is even more complex. We have back-up discs, branded DVDs, a server with all the projects, a CD finder programme, but even then we are always panicky if something goes wrong with books that are almost finished, photos, complex documents, etc. We recently got a new server and so it seemed like a safe idea to archive the old server including all our digital material in a Vedute. A pity that we had to keep to the dimensions 44 x 32 x 7 cm. The server suffered as a result, but we hope that everything is now safe.

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