Thonik, Nikki Gonnissen, Thomas Widdershoven
Graphic Designer

The Vedute project is about space. For us, the alphabet is an image of infinite space. An infinite number of combinations and an infinite number of meanings can be generated with the 26 letters of our alphabet.
In our work we use unformed basic ingredients as much as possible. Standard paper, standard sizes, standard colours. Our standard typeface is Avenir. When we decided to cut this alphabet out of Perspex (a standard material for the type cutter) in the format of the Vedute box, it transpired that this was only available in 2 and 3 mm. This meant that the thickness was a problem: 26 x 2 mm is 52 mm and 26 x 3 mm is 78 mm. In order to get closer to the 70 mm, we decided to cut some letters in 2 mm (transparent) and the rest of the letters in 3 mm (orange). We have done A V E N I R in the different thickness (and transparent) because we discovered that it is a word with letters that are evenly distributed over the alphabet.
A b c d V w x y z E f g h N o p q I j k l m R s t u
There are always 3 or 4 letters between. This alphabet should therefore be arranged in 6 little stacks as follows:
Abcd Vwxyz Efgh Nopq Ijklm Rstu.