Rick Vintges
Graphic Designer
Collection: Tijd & Dualiteit

Time and duality: time = duality. If one accepts a proposition as true then there is a fact. If one does not accept the fact posited, there is the possibility of a dichotomy. Dualism is thereby inextricably bound up with time. Time in order to investigate, in order to ask questions.
In the field of architecture, duality arises primarily because of the wishes of the architect versus those of clients and the future users. After all, a building serves people, whereas it is often tempting for designers (in every discipline) to proceed from the opposite assumption. However, all of the aforementioned parties have one thing in common: play. A client plays with the programme of requirements, the designer plays with the various possible applications and users play with the layout of their surroundings. From blueprint to wallpaper: it could be a game with only winners. The moment the client, the designer and the user see their wishes realized (without ignoring the designer’s expertise), we can build soundly and sustainably.
In my manuscript the line goes from building to number, from number to user, from user to humankind.