Else van der Burgt

Space is seen from a certain viewpoint. From the ground, from an aeroplane, under water or on the waterside, from inside or from outside, sitting, lying or standing, static or dynamic, alone or with many, in a city or in the desert; the same space can be experienced very differently.

The spaces in the manuscript (and thus the manuscript as a whole, too) are relatively small and approachable only from the outside. Owing to the transparency of the manuscript it is nevertheless possible to move through it with the eye and view and evaluate the spaces from various angles.
The flies are present in order to show that the dimensions of the spaces in the manuscript should be evaluated at their actual size. The flies have been chosen because they have the ability to perceive space from a great many viewpoints. It’s about this principle, rather than about trying to understand or represent the space-experience of a fly.