Hans Muller
Visual Artist

A mini accordion that produces same the sound frequencies in Hertz as the actual size of a Vedute manuscript in millimetres;
420x320x70 mm or 420-320-70 Hz.

In resting position this manuscript meats the exact required measurements of a VEDUTE manuscript; 420 X 320 X 70 mm.
When the instrument expands it can reach a length of 720mm.
When air is sucked in to the bellow passing the “reeds” it will, by working the improvised keys, produce an A4, an E4 or a D2 note. The tones can be heard individually, or they can form harmonies and CHORDS.

The manuscript cannot stand straight by itself, but the sides can be placed next to each other. Then the accordion forms a 180 degree bow, identical to the curve of space time.

The bellow is clothed with a Vlisco material in a refined repetitive pattern, that forms a new pattern when the bellow is fully compressed.
As the mini accordion returns to its resting position, its sighs and plays an A in 440 Hz, the principal tone all orchestral musicians use to tune their instruments before a concert.