Jeroen Kramer

“Spacetime” is an attempt to, momentarily and incompletely, fuse into a transparent spatial model, the four-dimensional structure of our universe.

Architectonic elements – points, lines, grids, surfaces and voids, entangle, move in an unpredictable rhythm and follow an arbitrary pattern. The grey building blocks are woven into a deconstructed composition, too micro- or too macro to be able to reflect colour. The formation stage of the total object is unclear. Is the matter within this structure in the process of building up- and organising itself or is it disintegrating into chaotic instability? Are the parts unifying towards the final, invisible fantastic black hole? Or is the totality expanding in infinity, a reflection of the Big Bang?
Relativity of place, function, proportion, scale and time are condensed for a moment, caught and held captive between two semi opaque plates. A light wipe of the surface allows a moment of clarity and insight into  the whole. However, the work quickly hides itself once more within the two opaque plates, to allow the architectonic elements to shift and transform into an entropic ensemble.

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