Giny Vos

It was my ambition to create a space of light in a space. To make light visible, the hidden light as a kind of infinity. To create an illusion with light in an immeasurable space, a space where the scale no longer matters.

The work relates to the story Searching for the Aleph by Jorge Luis Borges in which the mysterious Aleph is described as a point in space that encompasses all points. The place where all places on the earth are unmixed present and seen from all angles. If all the places on earth are in the Aleph, all the stars, all the lamps, all the light sources will also be present, but also all the things that we know and that we don’t know, that we can see and will never be able to see. In the Borges’ story, the Aleph has the shape of a glittering ball that lights up somewhere in a corner of a basement room.

In The Space of Light that sphere is not visible, the mystery is not revealed. But we see its traces light up on the edges of the infinite space.