Marc Volger

The manuscript is a modest homage to my mother who suffers from dementia and to her parental care. But also to my grandfather who was an architect and who designed the house I grew up in. The content of the manuscript comes largely from my mother’s room. With these insignificant materials and objects I create a bridge to a house and my own youth. The concept of sediment refers to the unsightly things that are scattered about a home and end up in bowls, boxes and tins. But it is also a sort of sentimental journey, a farewell by way of unprepossessing trivial items. You can also tell the story of a house with almost forgotten small objects. Together they form an entire universe. They play the leading role in this manuscript.

The panel inside the lid refers to the mycelium of a toadstool: the underground system of filaments that guarantees a toadstool’s continuity and growth. It symbolizes our connectedness to our parents and grandparents.