Piet Stockmans

These objects leave the mould for the serial production of tableware. I start the production process and intervene during its course. I interrupt the process of a product’s coming into being. It is rather like a birth that reveals the embryo of the creation. This process of coming into being is what it is all about. In this way, the original form and the product are together very briefly and intensively. It is about stopping and controlling the process of coming into being, because I decide that it is already finished before it is actually finished, or indeed before it is. The decision to interrupt the process is the creative act. After that, the component is then rearranged and sometimes leaves the form. In or near the finished form is the unfinished part. The hard finished form of soft material (plaster) contrasts with the soft form of the object of hard material (porcelain) that issues from it. The contrast is accentuated by the considerable shrinkage of the porcelain in the oven.

Piet Stockmans