Lee Ranaldo
Other, composer and visual artist
Collection: Acoustic architecture – Architectural acoustics

You are Everywhere and Nowhere, All at Once: the sounds of forgotten conversations, voices of loved ones, talks delivered via wire, cross-cut with various tone poems (music(s)), with the hope of formulating new dream theories. You are listening to a conversation that took place in Heaven, some time ago.
The voices of: Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver, George Cowdery, Thom DeJesu, Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, Thurston Moore, Cody Ranaldo, Lee Ranaldo, Leah Singer.
Sounds by: Kim Gordon, Takehisa Kosugi, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, William Winant.

This work grew out of recent installation-works I have been creating (NYC, Stockholm), dealing with repeated phrases of both voice and sound, the silences between them, and the cross-polinations which occur as they are juxtaposed in different combinations. The voices are those of friends, family, loved ones or other artists, and although chosen for personal reasons my hope is that the various voices will overlay to create a new narrative of their own. The sound sources are all taken from recent musical projects I have been involved in, and here again the hope is that by juxtaposing various moods or textures (randomly) against each other new moods will evolve.

‘El Oido’ consists of 4 separate 6-minute loops, which spin against each other in stereo pairs – each pair is fixed but the relation between the two pairs slowly randomized over time due to slight differences in the length of each tape. So combinations are ever changing as the two tapes slowly go more out of sync with each other. I have found in daily life that the interactions of many varied sources – books/films/dreams/conversations/ events/magazines/etc. – cross to create new paths of information. ‘The Ear’ is a New Information Generator.