Jan Andriesse
Collection: Kleur & Ruimte

pet name: ‘measuring tape of the heavens’

The relationship between stillness, light and gravity is the subject of the work of Jan Andriesse. In his paintings of rainbows and the colours of the spectrum, he paints, as it were, daylight. Light that is broken by a prism or by water shows the colours of which it is composed. In his work, Andriesse seeks to materialize the immaterial in paint and so represent the sensation of daylight. The spatial manuscript consists of a test strip with the colours of the spectrum. The long tape is coiled in a spiral in a surround of solid alder wood. In his work, Andriesse seeks to capture unbounded, all-encompassing light. For Vedute, this has been captured within the limitations of a spatial manuscript. Only a hint, a fraction of the sensation of light can be revealed when the tape is removed from the block and its magnificent colours are unrolled.

‘All the colours of the colour spectrum together comprise the light of the sun. Those same colours mixed together as paint give a muddy black. This paradox remains a difficult fact.’