Marije Romme

The spatial manuscript consists of three layers. The earth, the wooden section on the underside, forms the first layer. On top of this is the second layer, the island of Athaos, and above that is the cloudy sky (zinc). By means of extendable ‘antennas’, the clouds can be positioned high or low above the island. The departure point for ‘Athaos’ was an old monastery on the Greek island of Athos, which is accessible only to men. By adding the ‘a’, the feminine element, to the title, Marije Romme expresses a utopian desire for unity and harmony. Vestiges of ancient cultures, journeys and walks in inhospitable areas and living in harmony with nature are important sources of inspiration. Ground plans are derived from architectural archetypes. The landscape determines the design in which imaginary and existing images are combined.

‘Athaos, the island where nature and architecture merge. For me, where men and women should be. Intensity and integrity determine authenticity.’