‘K’ BUILT AND WRITTEN (2 volumes)
Peter Wilson
Collection: The written versus the constructed

written ‘K’ = a single molecule of text (post-narrative)
built ‘K’ = a material (plywood) constructed

Words frame images, buildings frame life. Surface reading and the enigma of ‘K’.
‘K’ = Kafkas signature. Out of its box, on its back,

A conjunction of two volumes, a book of two volumes, two passages:
PASSAGE 1 – from ‘K’ menu (Kunst, Käse, Kafka, Kinder, etc.) to ‘K’ built (‘K’ window in Frankfurt Kindergarten – Bolles + Wilson 1992)
PASSAGE 2 – travellers in ‘K’, the antipodian periscope.

Like text, like architecture in a mediased world ‘K’ has no absolute scale, no singular presence. The ‘K’ in a floating world, the world in a floating ‘K’.

realisatie: Peter Wilson met Jim Yohe, Architekturbüro Bolles + Wilson