Marie-Laure Gelso , Christian Samson

Like a narrow pass allowing a restricted experience of the city within our visual field, this manuscript recreates the context of a car trip through Detroit. Originating in the concept of velocity and visual perception, it describes the different readings of the urban landscape forced upon us through the experience of velocity.

Once deployed, the manuscript offers the opening of a road through the city. Piercing light suggests the visual trail of objects composing the city along our displacement through space. The location and dynamic forms of cuts on the walls of the road describe the spatial compression and dilation we experience as we penetrate space. Typography represents the quantity of information relative to the different degrees of velocity. The more accelerated the speed, the less information we can assimilate.

(Deze bijdrage is ontstaan tijdens een studieproject, begeleid door Susana Torre in november 1996 aan de Université de Montréal.)