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The Vedute Foundation’s collection goes digital

The Vedute Foundation is launching its new website on Sunday 26 September 2010: In addition, three new spatial manuscripts, by visual artist Giny Vos, architectural duo Maurer United and designers Rens Muis, Pieter Vos / 75B, will be on show.

Having been hidden away from the general public for some ten years, the collection of 176 spatial manuscripts can now be viewed online. Vedute chairperson Alma Ploeger is delighted with the digital access. ‘This unique collection can now be viewed by many more people than previously was the case. All of the works can be opened on the website and viewed from different angles. There are also short films, made specially for the site, in which the makers speak about their work’.
Prior to the launch, Martijn Stevens will give a lecture. Martijn Stevens is a lecturer in the department of General Cultural Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. He obtained his doctorate with research into the influence of digitalization on art museums.

Also on 26 September, three artists/designers will present their new manuscripts: Giny Vos, architects Maurer United and graphic designers 75B: Rens Muis & Pieter Vos. They were invited to make a digital manuscript as part of the digitalization of the collection. is a design by the Rotterdam graphic design office 75B and was technically built by PMS72.

Launch: location and starting time: Starting time: 14.00. Doors open 13.30. Auditorium Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Museumpark 18-20, 3015 CX, Rotterdam,

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The new website has been made possible with funding assistance from the Mondriaan Foundation and the Netherlands Architecture Fund.

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