Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam / ARCAM

Music, Space & Architecture
24.09.10 – 13.11.10

September sees the start of part two of the event ‘Music, Space & Architecture’, with contributions by, among others, Stichting Noorderkerkconcerten, the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, the Concertgebouw Orchestra and The Movies. The exhibition ‘Music, Space & Architecture’ will be on show at ARCAM from 24 September. The focus of the exhibition is the suggestion of space as created with the aid of acoustic objects. The spatial experiences relate to various scales, ranging from the intimacy of the individual to the spacious openness of the urban space.

Included among the collected objects are the ‘Side Scan Sonar’, which brings the urban space surrounding ARCAM to the visitor, and listening equipment with which enemy aircraft were detected in the Second World War. With ‘Sound Scrape Shoes’ by Ricardo Huisman, the ARCAM building becomes the source of the experience, while in the presentation of the famous Philips Pavilion of 1958, the proportions are completely different from what we are familiar with. In three manuscripts, borrowed from the Vedute Foundation, individuals are sent off with sophisticated devices, away from themselves in objects by Cilia Erens and Erik Blits or, by contrast, inside themselves in the representation that architect Jan Hoogstad once made from an invention by Bach.


Arcam, Music space & Architecture


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