Linda Linda Loppa
Other, fashion designer
Collection: Tijd & Dualiteit

The manuscript consists of 250 pages, which are glued together on both sides. You can just peek between in order to see the words on each page.
The manuscript is about history, about cultures and about the connection between all ages and all cultures. This manuscript illustrates this via the clothing designs mentioned, from thousands of years ago up until the present day, from Egypt, India, Europe, everywhere. Every design mentioned here is an extremely basic design in which the geometric basic form is the basis, with which by means of minimal interventions an article of clothing has been created and which it appears is the same in all ages and cultures. The basic forms are circle and semicircle, rectangle and strip. These forms are, as it were, the ‘backbone’ of the manuscript.
‘Open mind’: in addition to the designs, Linda Loppa is also concerned with being receptive to others who influence/ inspire (her): dancers, architects and the various art forms.
The poetic imaginative power of word sounds in themselves.