Simon Niks
, Student Minerva Academy, Groningen

The manuscript developed from the notion of relative space and entropic decay. By exposing a stack of cut paper to external forces, expansion becomes a possibility. Not only does the whole expand within its setting, each sheet of paper also acquires its own history.
After dispersion, an ordered entity loses a quantity of energy (entropy). This process is irreversible. However, by taking this on as a challenge, interesting information comes to the surface.
Each individual sheet is smoothed out and digitalized before finally being compressed under high pressure into the Vedute dimensions.
With the urge to extend beyond the given dimensions of 44x32x7 cm, ‘Dispersion’ was developed as a project focusing on binary oppositions such as machine-made/nature, order/chaos. After observing the entropic effects of natural forces on the manuscript, Niks eventually tried to reverse the process by collecting and compressing the paper.

video: dispersion web